For over 50 years, content creators and audio professionals have relied on Dolby to make soundtracks that inspire, amaze, and bring audiences into the story. Today, we continue to push the envelope for quality sound through innovations in immersive audio. Dolby Atmos® Content Creation Solutions enable you to easily create a three-dimensional sonic environment where you can precisely place and move individual sounds to deliver an entirely new entertainment experience. And because these intuitive tools integrate into your existing mixing, editing, and sound design workflows, you can start using them quickly and easily, staying focused on your creativity.

Dolby Atmos is specially designed to make sound flow all around you, even overhead with astonishing clarity. Dialogue is crisp and details are true-to-life. By positioning individual sounds in a 3D space, it gives you a rich and deep audio experience.

Dolby Atmos, as you’ve heard

“Dolby Atmos has really elevated my listening and movie experience.” Looking for your audio content to leave your audience in awe? Add astonishing clarity, refined details and life-like audio to your next production with Dolby Atmos.

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Dolby Atmos

Sound = 50% of your story. Make full use of it with Dolby Atmos 3D sound. Dolby Atmos sound puts audiences at the centre of the action. Learn more here in 90 seconds.

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Dolby Atmos sound workflows

Do you want to know how to make the most of the Dolby Atmos workflow? Dolby Atmos sound allows you as content creators to expand your audio worlds, offering your audience the ultimate immersive experience on any device. Watch this simple explanation of the Dolby Atmos post-production workflow to learn more.

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Dolby Atmos Means Quality in Every Language

Create dubbed versions as rich and immersive as your original audio versions using Dolby Atmos.

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Classic movies get Dolby Atmos as Turbine remasters with passion

Turbine, a German boutique Blu-ray and DVD label, specialises in remastering of movies, especially iconic comedy and horror titles. Started and run by cinema-mad perfectionists, Turbine is proud of its devotion to making the highest quality products for the home theatre cineaste, and Dolby Atmos is increasingly part of that process. We talked to Christian Bartsch, technical director at Turbine, to find out how and why a 21st century technology fits in so well with 20th century material.

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