We’re finally able to deliver the amazing images that modern digital cinema cameras have been able to capture for years. But this technology brings with it new challenges that alter familiar workflows and complicate the ability to deliver a consistent look across a multitude of consumer devices.

Dolby Vision® post-production tools and workflows give you what you need to efficiently create both HDR and legacy SDR content and ensure that the look you create in the colour suite stays true when experienced across TVs, PCs, tablets, and mobile devices.

Dolby Vison offers your content astonishing brightness, deep darks, expanded contrast, ultravivid colours, and refined details. It gives you enhanced dimensionality, wider colour gamut, and a larger creative space.

Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos

Producing and delivering truly stand-out entertainment content, whilst navigating budget demands and schedules, is not a simple task. Find out how to use our technologies, which are both flexible and scalable, and create content that meets distribution channel needs for films to docuseries, here.

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Dolby Vision, a brighter world

“The TV I consider must have Dolby Vision support.” Audiences love Dolby Vision as they are able to see a broader colour spectrum, astonishing brightness, deeper darks and more.

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Dolby Vision

Dolby Vision HDR allows production teams to create content with the best, brightest, most colourful and most life-like imaging possible so that content looks coherent and its best on every device out there. Dolby Vision HDR integrates with existing workflows and tools, allowing efficient and easy mastering in HDR and simple SDR versioning where needed. Learn more here in 90 seconds.

Why business looks better with Dolby Vision

Dolby Vision HDR integrates seamlessly into existing workflows to allow production teams to create one high quality HDR master, which allows you to generate both HDR and SDR versions. This is a cost-effective way to ensure your creative vision is seen as intended by the audience. It gives production teams complete control, from the studio to the screen.

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Dolby Vision HDR workflows

Watch this simple explanation of the Dolby Vision HDR post-production workflow to learn how it allows you to get the very best of your production on-screen.

A discussion with STUDIOCANAL

In this exclusive interview, Jean-Pierre Boiget, Head of Distribution Services at STUDIO CANAL, talks about the adoption of Dolby Vision HDR by the French studio across new releases and catalogue movies such as Apocalypse Now, A Bout de Souffle, and Terminator. He discusses the creative and operational advantages of HDR and Dolby Vision from remastering to archiving.


A discussion with STUDIOCANAL


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