Hear directly from industry peers as they talk about their learning curves and the benefits of applying Dolby Vision® HDR and Dolby Atmos® technologies to their storytelling. Across all genres – comedy, drama, westerns, thrillers – they’ve all found it made a significant difference, and don’t want to go back.

“Was the experience positive? For our customers, it’s a clear yes. For us, it’s a clear yes. It proves we are state-of-the-art when it comes to using new technologies and, secondly, our experience of making the series convinced us it is a fantastic technique. It helped my career as a creative. I can certainly recommend it to others.” Marcus Ammon, producer of TV series Das Boot, Senior vice president of original production, Sky Deutschland

Case study: "Das Boot"

German TV series Das Boot, a Sky Deutschland Originals, successfully used Dolby Atmos 3D sound to enhance its storytelling. Sky and Bavaria Studios talks about it in this new case study: “Of course, the loud moments will stick with you. You’re there being bombed from all sides. But the very quiet moments when you’re on the boat, the whole crew is waiting for the next attack and nothing is being said. You hear the silence differently. It’s equally exciting and the audience reaction [at the premiere] was fantastic.”


Case study: "Betonrausch"

In this new case study, Rotor Film reveals the difference Dolby Vision made. It gives “extra headroom to really let an image shine or glow. You can make the image look more three-dimensional in subtle ways, and you have more colour space, which makes things possible that weren’t possible before – bright blue skies, fires that really have colour and detail and so on.”



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